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This website shall help all vegan living people or those who are interested with an introduction and overview on vegan nutrition. If you already are living the vegan or vegetarian way you will find all necessary information in this work of reference.

Definition Veganism is an excerpt taken from the free encyclopedia wikipedia. The vegan Nutrition Guide informs you about most important nutrients. References can be found under the point Bibliography.

If you click on Download the Vegan Table of Nutritional Values with more than 1650 vegan wholefood products, more than 13.900 nutritional values on 100 is offered to be saved on your computer. Until now it is only available in German. Volunteers for translations are welcome. The Vegan Guide - an excerpt of the Vegan Table of Nutritional Values - is available in German and English. Any volunteers willing to proofread these pages and make it a professional translation please use the contact button to get in touch with us.

The linkRecommendations is interesting for all those who want to exactly know the numbers and figures of the GAS Dietetic Associations (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). For the recommendations of your home country please google or check on the website of the World Health Organisation(WHO).

Product Search helps you find all wholefood products from the Vegan Table of Nutritional Values. Sorry to all non-German speaking people - we are still working on an English translation of the products from our database. Also some finished products listed could not be available in your country.

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